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Once in a while, football is reluctant to be greedy and can tip the balance to the only team that had initiative. On one hand, play on the attack, chance of score, passes, shots, control of the match. On the other hand, one team waiting back, far behind, almost without knowing what color was the line of the midfield . The culture of the Counterattack vs. the spirit of Cruyff and the Possession of the ball. Mourinho denied football and the habits of Oscar or Hazard by trying to build a wall with its defensive organization. “Park the bus”. All players understood the message perfectly, everyone got ready to the assigned task. The game dreamed by Mou was fulfilled in the first counterattack by the Torres goal. Chelsea tried to kill art waiting for his rival and looking for any loss in Bayern to destroy it in the offensive transition.
Mou Dream por paradigmaguardiola

A merit of the Guardiola team was not to lose too many balls in attack. The video above shows less than four or five clear counters of Chelsea. For that the role of Toni Kroos was fundamental, in the right place and intercepting to continue with possession.
Good passes to cut the counter por paradigmaguardiola

But the biggest achievement of the past champions of Europe was to cross the wall and Knock it down. And that may be circulating the ball at good pace, by submitting to the rival disorganizing with appropriate movements, building superiorities in all lines. Bayern Munich is not rushed to attack and seeking relevant spaces. Through their movements the team managed to pierce the wall of Mourinho and generate too many situations to score.

Holes in the Wall 

Too many holes in the defensive organization of the English team. In this video series we exhibit it. Ribery announced what will then be his goal.
Advertisement and goal por paradigmaguardiola

Bayern broke inside and out. Muller playing spaces like no one else.
Raumdeuter por paradigmaguardiola

All with a very good possession and circulation of the ball creating superiorities.
Possession74 por paradigmaguardiola

Neuer is "Academic Higuita'

Relevance in the offensive play of the goalkeepers is vital for Guardiola thinking model. Front Chelsea exhibited Neuer, again. Thanks to him, the team could save seconds and get even more dynamic to attack. The German goalkeeper remembered Rene Higuita, the legendary goalkeeper of the selection of Colombia.
Academic Higuita por paradigmaguardiola


Against Chelsea in 2008, Guardiola also lived a goal in the last minute. It was the goal by Iniesta who made it possible to play the Barcelona to reach the final of the Champions League. "Iniestazo",was called. In Prague, again against Chelsea, Guardiola lived another goal in the last second of the match. Similarities? Martinazo? The truth is that the income of Martinez in the middle of the field was decisive for the intensity of the match and to enable continuity in the advances of Bayern Munich.

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  1. Anónimo says:

    Hola, estoy de acuerdo en casi todo tu comentario excepto cuando dices que el Bayern no perdió muchos balones en ataque. De hecho, ese es el punto débil de los equipos de Pep (de los que estoy enamorado, por cierto, salvo por este pequeño detalle), que siempre caen en el mismo error de no cuidar los contra ataques que les pueden hacer. Un equipo con 10, en la prórroga, no te puede marcar a la contra. Ya le pasó con el barça 8contra el Chelsea precisamente), y aquí le volvió a pasar y no se le fue el partido gracias a Javi Martínez (y un par de rebotes). Guardiola es un genio del fútbol, pero debería cuidar esos detalles, al igual que debería meter el factor azar en su táctica: tanto el gol de Ribery como el de Martínez no hubieran ocurrido en su Barcelona, totalmente encallado en el pasecortismo (nunca había un centro al área) y el entrar-en-la-portería-con-el-balón (nunca tiraban desde fuera del área).

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