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“I want players who can make decisive moves in small spaces, I want to work as little as possible to save energy for that decisive action.” was the word of Johan Cruyff leading setpoint entire life.

Guardiola always remember the importance of their teachers. In every game and always traveling to the past as solutions to current problems. Cruyff and Sacchi were present in Manchester for Champions League.

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Most teams worldwide, often back in the field when receiving an expulsion. Pep team persisted in the idea that it is non-negotiable, superiority from Manuel Neuer and tending the ball. There was no hurry, there was possession. His passion.

Bayern Munich played with high line, crossing many times half the field. What provoked 7 offsides giving a saving of energy to a team that played a man down for much time.

“I’ve never seen a team so together in a field,” Michel said after the 5-0 Milan to Real Madrid in 1989.

A year ago, in the same field, almost the same players. The paradigm is repeated, Pep Guardiola that party qualifies as “Best football I’ve seen in my life”.

A visit to the Olympic Stadium at Hertha Berlin, we were some defensive work of the Offside Trap in detention balls:

When Piqué and Puyol dragged from behind. The rivals played no space to tread the ground where rival drowned without moving. He never ran Barcelona looking back rival.

Our defenses: disabled rivals, enable peers. The movement, passing and in full compliance. Dante and Boateng started to look the other way.

In the current preseason against Internazionale, Pep Guardiola shows the attempt of diamond-pentagon (rhombus cruyffista) practiced in his last season at Barcelona. The idea persists, it is more flexible because of the context but takes shape.

In the documentary “L'últim partit. 40 anys de Johan Cruyff a Catalunya”. Johan chatting with Xavi tells him the first words he said to Pep "you have to think about what you know and do not know. What we do not know, there is always solution. You should monitor your midfielders support to be nearby. Prevent better cure. If you can not run, have to position well. This is purely intelligence”.

The masterpiece of Juego de Posición is precisely against enemy personnel, that night in Camp Nou, Barcelona displayed a kind of football. Johan on the bench, Pep in the midfield. 5-0 to Real Madrid. 

Pep Guardiola remembers and reminds us of the importance of great teachers who gave ideals rather than systems.

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