Matías Manna On sábado, mayo 10, 2014

1. Pep space is different.  Guardiola  gestures his arms many times per game to move forward its defense. Attack while you are defending. The wave or tide comes and the front of the opponent is without stepping on sand. Offside. The ball returns to us. For that, the linesman takes too much prominence. All the time, they will have to raise its flag. The greatest appearance that identifies this equipment is not titles, pressure, or passes. It is the space..

Dante leads the defensive organization. He has art and tactical culture to zonal marking. Their delicate movements benefit to the new top scorer Robben, to the best air game of Muller, to the new playmaker Ribery and to the striker Götze. Fundamental, funny, and now, obedient to the Councils of Guardiola.

 2. The full-back left his secondary role. A new movement in the thought of Pep. New idea to attack and defend better. Alaba and Rafinha, above all, Lahm or Contento surprised taking a new path in the Bayern attack: internal ruptures. Objective? Free space for Ribery or Robben in the band, Opposition wingers has no reference in the defensive role. Numerical advantage in attack. The rival stood much further back in the field, causing a transition less likely.

3. Who occupies position 7? Position-switching and free-spirited attack.             Disorganized all defenses that they tried to understand the positions of the players in Bayern. Some German journalists, with another culture on football, still did not with the wording of the system. They keep saying 4-1-4-1, but the real system may seem a 2-3-5 or a 2-8-0, or 2-7-1. I don't know.

4. Chaos management. Interpret what is happening. Small modifications in relation to synergies of its players and taking into account what is doing the opponent's turn. Guardiola is part of dynamic coaches. Even more like an NBA coach to one of the Bundesliga. Interventional.

5. I will never forget the narrow streets of the small town of Arco in Northern Italy. There, the  training first days of  Guardiola´s new team took place. Like a lot of coaches, I was there to observe training exercises. I think that one of the major differences between the school that shelters Pep and other coaches occurs by having an anchor training methodology, always, as the whole. Pep trains the whole, not the parts. Or even better, trains the parts but considering always the whole. The vision of Edgar Morín and the paradigm of complexity want to enhance that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

6. Relevance in the offensive play of the goalkeepers is vital for Guardiola thinking model. Front Chelsea exhibited Neuer, again. Thanks to him, the team could save seconds and get even more dynamic to attack. The German goalkeeper remembered Rene Higuita, the legendary goalkeeper of the selection of Colombia. But with a German academic touch. Neuer is always encouraged to leave their area. Courage that allows a better team.

Académico Higuita porción paradigmaguardiola

7. Good passes cut transition. Defensive transitions worried Guardiola. He noted that in the Bundesliga were specialists in counterattacks. How do you solve it? With better and better possessions of the ball. A good attack aborts any possibility of transition of rival. The offensive movements of its players enabled a better defense. The culture of the Counterattack vs. the spirit of Cruyff and the Possession of the ball.

Mou Sueño porción paradigmaguardiola

 8. Who should play in the most important area for Guardiola?  Smart players, which do not lose the ball and interpret the positions to generate better contexts to your colleagues with passes. That is the important thing. It doesn't matter that they do not have muscles of Patrick Vieira. But if they have the discipline of Lahm, Kroos position and Thiago ability, they can play there.

 9. Tower of Pisa. Cliche says that Guardiola doesn't like the centreforward. This year has shown that this is not the case. Sometimes perhaps fallen in some band, like the Tower of Pisa, but he was present. Important in team play. For many times, the solution to rival locks.

10. The world will always be better. 3-4-3 is coming. The Spirit of Cruyff in the house of Beckenbauer.

 It is not everything. Bayern may also surprise with set pieces:

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